Fiche ocarina Purple Clay Tenor C Major Ocarina

Fabricant : STL Ocarina

Type d'ocarina : 12 trous

Accordage : DO

Tessiture : Alto

Matériau : Céramique

Dernier prix connu : 149.06€ (159 $)

Like a fine wine, purple clay improves with age. This is just a small part of what makes our Purple Clay Tenor Ocarina so special. This handsome purple clay ocarina has been accurately tuned by professional musicians in the key of C Major with a pitch range from A4 to F6, including sharps and flats. It has a beautiful, natural sound and is a pleasure to play. The Purple Clay Tenor Ocarina measures 6.5 inches long and comes in a set complete with a collectors box, making it perfect for giving. It includes a free instructional booklet, as well as free video lessons to assist you in learning to play this ethereal instrument. Features: --- Made from purple clay, which improves with age --- Accurately tuned in C Major by professional musicians --- Pitch range from A4 to F6, including sharps and flats --- Measures 6.5 inches long --- Comes with collectors box --- Includes instructional booklet --- Free Video Lessons

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