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Aladdin-A whole New World

"A Whole New World" from Aladdin. Disney's "This Blue Dream".

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créé par caleb le 17/02/2022 à 18h34

West World Theme

Hello! This is one of my favorite musical scores from TV. It's the theme music from the opening credits of "West World". If something doesn't sound right or if there is a mistake message me and I'l

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créé par caleb le 12/02/2022 à 22h33

Tall Green Mountain

This is a beautiful Chines song. Enjoy

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créé par caleb le 11/02/2022 à 23h27

Sound Of Silence

Sound Of Silence by Simon and Garfunkle. This is just part of the song. I would love for someone to complete it but I am new and this is the extent of my ability. thanks!

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créé par caleb le 11/02/2022 à 17h41

"Falling" by Angelo Badalamenti

This if from the Twin Peaks sound track from the 1980's TV show. Musical score by Angelo Badalamenti . This is writen for F Major ocarina. Enjoy.

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créé par caleb le 09/02/2022 à 01h42