Fiche ocarina Muse Hijaz

Fabricant : Songbird Ocarina

Type d'ocarina : 9 trous

Accordage : SOL

Tessiture : Alto

Matériau : Céramique

Dernier prix connu : 141.9€ (150 $)

Handcrafted Ceramic glaze finish Tuned in G Hijaz Tuning 9 Holes The Muse Ocarina in Hijaz, a musical mode which hearkens back to and is reminiscent of ancient Egypt and other ethnic scales.  It utilizes a simplified tuning system perfect for improvisation and feeling your way through the music, boasting a balanced and pure sound with no dissonant notes. Also capable of all the notes of the diatonic scale utilizing cross finger positions. She is tempting to display but don’t put her on a pedestal, take her with you and make beautiful music together.


Muse Hijaz - Demo

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