Fiche ocarina Virgo

Fabricant : Songbird Ocarina

Type d'ocarina : 6 trous

Accordage : DO

Tessiture : Soprano

Matériau : Céramique

Dernier prix connu : 27.55€ (30 $)

- Jewelry you can play - 6-hole ocarina scales the range of an octave and a 3rd - Key of Soprano C - Ceramic glaze finish - Songbook/Method included   The Virgo pendant ocarina is set in the key of C and with six holes spans the range of a full octave and a third (C-E).  The ocarina has a diameter of approximately two inches and features the image of Virgo in its center. It offers a pure and sweet tone throughout its range with a relatively soft breath requirement. It comes with a necklace and songbook/tutorial, and makes a great gift.

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