Fiche ocarina Spearhead Soprano C Java Brown

Fabricant : Songbird Ocarina

Type d'ocarina : 12 trous

Accordage : DO

Tessiture : Soprano

Matériau : Céramique

Dernier prix connu : 28.13€ (30 $)

Jewelry you can play Ceramic Ocarina in Jade Crackle glaze 6 hole scales a range of an octave and a 3rd Adjustable Beaded Necklace Songbook/Method included   Be the leader of your musical movement with this Spearhead Soprano C made by Songbird, a leading force in the ocarina world. This design was spearheaded by the Songbird himself to produce a commanding range of an octave plus a third (C7-E7) and gives a clear, direct attack with any articulation you choose, not to mention focused tone control. The songbook/tutorial gives you the leading tunes and an adjustable beaded necklace makes you look sharp no matter what musical tribe you’re moving in. All that for a price that won’t gouge you.  The key of C is known to convey the characteristics of purity and innocence.

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